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A binder is a substance used in construction that sets, hardens, and clings to other materials in order to bind them together. Cement is typically used to bind sand and gravel (aggregate) together rather than on its own. Masonry mortar is made from cement mixed with fine aggregate, while concrete is made from sand and gravel. Place your order today and have it delivered to your preferred project location site within the specified timeframe. We offer Ultratech Cement, Ambuja Cement, Chettinad cement, Sankar Cement, Ramco Cement, and Dalmia Cement at affordable prices

Tmt bars

Reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel are two terms used to describe Tmt rod. TMT rod is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures as a tension device to strengthen and help the concrete under tension. Concrete has a high compressive strength but a low tensile strength. TMT rod considerably improves the structure’s tensile strength. The surface of TMT rods is frequently bent to facilitate a better bond with concrete during building construction. Now is the time to place your order and have it delivered to your preferred project location site within the specified time frame. We are an authorized TMT bar dealer.

M sand

M-sand, or manufactured sand, is a cost-effective alternative to river sand. Manufactured sand, often known as M sand, is perfect for making high-compression-strength concrete in all PCC and RCC grades. M Sand comes in three varieties: M Sand for Plastering, M Sand for Brick/Block Laying, and M Sand for Concrete Work. In Nagercoil, we offer the highest quality M-Sand.

P sand

Plastering Manufactured Sand, also known as P-Sand, comes in granule sizes ranging from 0 to 2.36 mm and is utilized in a variety of applications including independent houses, apartments, and other residential and commercial projects. Plastering sand does not need to be filtered again on the job site and may be used straight to make mortar, saving time, effort, and money.


A brick is a masonry building material used to construct walls, pavements, and other features. The term brick originally referred to a clay unit, but it is today used to refer to any rectangular unit put in mortar. Clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, as well as concrete ingredients, can be used to make bricks. Bricks come in a variety of classifications, types, materials, and sizes that vary by place and time period, and they are made in large quantities.

Cement / Solid blocks

Concrete blocks are increasingly being used to replace bricks in masonry construction, particularly in multi-story buildings. They come in three different types: solid, hollow, and cellular, and they’re commonly employed to build filler walls and boundary walls in RC frameworks.


As part of a forward integration of the product and to add value to the offering, ready to use Captain TMT Rings have been introduced with a focus on savings of cost and time. Made at the same plant where Captain 600 EQR is produced, these TMT Rings help reduce the construction time significantly. They also help in checking wastage and save labour cost.



Plywood’s are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. A wide range of high-quality items is available. Sainik 710 Water-proof plywod, Sainik MR Grade Water-Resistant ply wood, Century Bond Boiling Water Resistant Ply wood, PF Bond 710 Plywood etc., of varies sizes are available for your needs.


MDF stands for medium density fiberboard, which is effectively engineered wood made from hardwood and softwood composites that have been broken down. There are no apparent wood grains or knots because it is made up of microscopic wood fibres. By exerting pressure or a high temperature, the fibres are bonded together with wax to create panels.

Birla Opus

Birla Opus presents a line of exterior & interior paints designed to shield your home from various elements. Created with premium ingredients and advanced technology, they ensure a long-lasting, aesthetic finish. All dry wall fix, All dry wall n roof, Calista ever clear, Calista neo star, Style colour smart, Style power bright are available for exterior and interior use.

Asian paints

It is most commonly used for Exterior and Interior protection of walls, grills, and other materials. True care wall putty, Smart care Water proof wall putty, True care exterior primer, Smart care Damp-proof, Smart care Damp-proof Sheath, Smart care Damp-proof block, Smart care vitalia Neo, Smart Care repair polymer are available for your exterior and interior use.


Solid wood window, oak wood window, fashionable wooden windows, teak wood window, and designer wooden window are among the products offered by this company.

Wooden Doors

We have over 650 designs, each of which demonstrates our knowledge and artistic ability. We also take orders for unique designs made just for you and your house. Our artistic doors are the most beautiful and stunning testaments to durability and fine craftsmanship. we  are trusted by prudent home owners, designers, and architects for the design, craft, and delivery of wooden doors for their homes, offices, and organisations.

Water proofing compound

Integral Waterproofing refers to the compounds that are used in conjunction with cement to create a waterproof structure. It makes the plaster and concrete thick, preventing cavities from forming and water capillaries from breaking. Integral waterproofing agents for mortar and concrete must be used in proportions that do not exceed 3% of the cement weight.We offer our services at an affordable cost.

Weather Pro

Weather pro WP+200 is a specially formulated integral water proofing compound which improves the performance properties of concrete, plaster & Mortar. It reduces the water permeability, improves the cohesion and also increases the compressive strength of concrete, plaster, mortar. It can be used for all types of site-mixed normal concreting, for external and internal plastering and for brick masonry mortar. It is the Better dampness prevention. It is the Betterprevention from rusting.

Seal & Dry

Seal & Dry SBR is a Styrene butadiene co-polymer, having multi-purpose application-bonding agent, as a modifier for repair plaster, concrete & mortar and as a waterproofing coating. It is a highly recommended to be used as a modifier in the mortar and screed for repair of old concrete and plaster. It strongly bonds old concrete and plaster surface and can also be used for general water proofing application.

Seal & Dry Hi-Flex

Seal & Dry Hi-Flex is a two component, cement-based, styrene acrylic polymer-based, elastomeric waterproof coating consisting of high quality additives and fillers for all positive side water proofing application. It is ideal for positive side waterproofing of bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, sunken areas sloping roofs, balconies, domes, swimming pools, sump tanks and exterior walls. It can be used effectively over old and new concrete surfaces of any geometry.

UltraTech Top - Shield

UltraTech Weather Pro Top-Shield is a superior elastomeric
acrylic terrace waterproofing coating, safeguarding terrace
against seepage and providing enduring protection. With its
advanced formulation, Top-Shield offers exceptional flexibility,
crack bridging, is UV resistant and can take foot traffic. It is a
three-layer system available in three different shades to ensure
proper build-up of film thickness. It helps achieve reduction in
surface temperature along with anti-algal and anti-fungal

UltraTech Bitu Pro DPC Coating

Dampness may come from any source, including the roof, foundation, walls, and even bathrooms. The product, UltraTech Bitu Pro DPC Coating is a waterproofing liquid that was created by UltraTech Research Lab.

Tilefixo VT

Tilefixo Vt is Ideal for Internal thin bed wall and floor applications of vitrified tile. It is recommended to be used over cementitious substrates and for tile-on-tile application. It is a cement – based, polymer modified, high quality tile adhesive recommended for fixing small format vitrified tiles on floor &wall in internal areas

Binding wire

Binding wire that has been heat treated will be stronger and softer. If you coat the wire in zinc, it will be more corrosion resistant. Galvanized binding wire comes in a matte or shine finish, and it’s a simple way to combat the environment’s detrimental effects. Corrosion resistance is provided by the PVC coating on the binding wire. Place your order right now and we’ll have them delivered to your project site within the timeframe you choose.


Builder’s hardware are just a group of metal hardware specifically used for protection, decoration, and convenience in buildings. Building products do not make any part of the building, rather they support  them and make them work. It is usually support fixtures like windows, doors  cabinets. common  examples includes door handle, door hinges, latches etc., 


We consider the doors, particularly the main entry door. When someone comes to your house for the first time, however, the entry door is the first thing they see. As a result, selecting a nice front entry gate with a beautiful design and high quality is critical. There are a variety of front gate designs for your property from which you can select the best one.