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Ambika Global Traders is a one-stop solution for all your construction material requirements. We are one of the leading suppliers of building materials in with a successful track record. Whether you are into construction, industrial or trading you will find Ambika to be a one-stop shop for all your needs. Ambika provides not only the highest quality of building materials but extending support to our business partners in terms of reducing their cost, maximizing his profit and saving his efforts and time. Our commitment and dedication to your project is also rooted in our core values of solid business ethics and stringent quality control measures. At Ambika, we are not just in the business of supplying building materials. Our commitment and zeal to serve our Partners at the optimum level is our business. No matter what your construction, industrial and trading needs, you can count on Ambika as your building solutions partner. Let’s build better, together.


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When it comes to building materials, you need a partner you can trust. A partner you can rely on to deliver consistently high-quality products, consistently, on time. We provide a variety of building materials and lifestyle products that elevate interiors and exteriors look of the construction.We only import the highest quality branded products after a series of tests and quality checks. We also deliver these items using our strong logistics and delivery network. At Ambika, we are not just in the business of supplying building materials. We are here to work as a team, a partner who is in the business with you for the long run. Our wide range of products offer you world-class building materials that will take your project from blue print to completion These include and not limited to world class manufacturers furniture and carpentry wooden products, timber, hardwood, Polyethylene sheet, binding wire, wire nails, commercial steel, tools, Plumbing items, hardware to further support you in your building projects.

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